Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Papercuts

The theme of the day is papercuts. I don't remember how I got the first one, but the second was from dusting a piece of glass for a photo frame.

A couple of blocks from work is a restaurant that used to (and I'm gambling still does) accept dog photos for display. I was dusting the glass from a spare frame so I could put together this photo of Jolie, a French Bulldog, to donate:

I also received a new shipment of test photos from the printer tonight and I think I've got my sizes down now. To carry out the actual test, I matted my Yosemite Tunnel View photo:

8x10 print in 11x14 white ragmat, Yosemite National Park, Tunnel View

It worked great. Then I realized I hadn't used my snow white blank cards yet, so I made this one:

I wish I had more supplies on hand so I could really tackle matting prints properly. But first I need to get paid again, so I can afford all my shiny, pretty things.

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