Sunday, July 17, 2011

500 words or bust

I'm sitting at a booth in Panera Bread with my husband and our laptops, doing what we do every Sunday, but in public. It's an experiment, see. I'm trying to write 500 words and he's surfing the internet.

I predict he will slam-dunk this experiment. I'm half-way to success myself.

I've recently become a Panera convert and hope to spend many more quality hours here, drowning in Hazelnut coffee and free wi-fi.

I'm not counting the words in this blog post, by the way. That would be cheating.

One of my how-to books wants me to write 3,000 words every day. Where I'm at in life, that seems improbable, albeit an admirable goal. Maybe if I didn't try to make them "good" words, I'd have a better chance. I self-filter too much when it comes to fiction. In life, for whatever reason, I hardly self-filter at all.

The only solution is to turn my mind inside out.

Okay, back to Word. We've already eaten one meal at Panera today and it'd be bad form to have to stay for dinner as well.


Kristy said...

`You need a more working class place to pick up charcter than pantera.Bluecollar or slummy places are where the story is.Don't try star bucks either or anything else. Try Mcdonalds or mom and pop for stories of a average person and it makes the best person watching and story.

Folly said...

Last Tuesday I wrote in a bar for a few hours. That made for some gritty observations. :)

Today I was more interested in the hazelnut coffee than the hefeweizen.