Sunday, July 03, 2011

Weight Watchers, Again

I know I've been quiet on the Weight Watchers front, so let's check in. I'm still paying for a weekly membership. I usually go. I went to a meeting on Friday and participated in a discussion about vacation strategies. Since I'm not planning to go on any vacations, it wasn't all that applicable, but hey, I went.

My secret travel weapon is raw almonds in a baggie. For what it's worth.

August third will be my one-year anniversary with Weight Watchers. I've lost 20 pounds since I joined, which is a little less than halfway to my goal. Admittedly, 20 pounds isn't all that great for a year, but a loss is a loss. I'll take it.

About a week ago, I returned to the gym, taking it slow. I aim for 40 minutes of cardio and then free weights and resistance training for 15 minutes. I overdid it yesterday and spent most of the day feeling exercise-drunk. Today I'm giving myself a rest.

My eating isn't perfect. I'm not adhering strictly to the plan, and I'm bored with tracking. However, my choices are better than they used to be. I almost always have fruit on hand, along with reasonable snacks like string cheese and non-fat Greek yogurt. For the most part I still do the tracking math in my head.

So the point of this entry is: I could do better if I worked at it, but instead I've been doing the minimum.

I do plan to make an effort to continue the exercise. I'm tired of feeling my body atrophy beneath me.

And that's my WW update.


Anonymous said...

Halfway to your goal is a good place to be. Hi, new follower here!

Folly said...

Hi, Miss April, nice to make your acquaintance! I saw on your blog that you have a goal to visit Washington state. If you have any questions about things to see in Seattle, feel free to ask me. - Christy

AZGypsie said...

Cristy, you know that you are going to get out of this what you put into it. Which is really good coming from me (who has subsisted on Chinese Food for the last 2 days!) Make it your goal to make goal by the time you are 95! If you don't get there by then, just give up!

Folly said...

Ha, AZGypsie. 95 sounds doable. :)