Monday, July 25, 2011

Swing and a miss

So I have a set of golf clubs now, thanks to one of Jeremy's generous co-workers. He brought them home Friday to my surprise.

Jer's had a set for years, but mostly it's sat in the garage getting dusty. But yesterday was so sunny and nice that when he suggested we go to the driving range, I did not say no.

Going to the driving range is not something I've done much before, but Interbay Golf Center seemed to have very well-maintained and modern facilities. The whole area consisted of two covered levels. We went up to the second level, at the far end, and Jer punched in the code from our receipt to receive our bucket of balls.

Jer was extremely patient showing me the basics of a swing. By the end, I won't say I was any good, but I wasn't embarrassing or hurting myself -- always a plus.

Afterward, we drove down the street and had dessert at Redmill Burger. I ordered a chocolate malt, having earned every sip of that liquid heaven.

Because Jer knows the best way to get me to do something I'm not sure I want to do is offer promises of chocolate milkshake.

I guess golfing isn't so bad.


CRo said...

Driving range is awesome. I will do that with you anytime!

Lily said...

My clubs sit in the garage getting dusty, too. Although I do keep a wood and iron in my car for the driving range, I have yet to go this year.

Folly said...

CRo, sweet! I will be needing lots and lots of practice.

Hey, Lily, Wednesday is almost here. Are you so excited to see me?