Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I blame the donuts

I met my friend downtown for breakfast at Bacco. We ate, we drank, we made merry. And then she was gone again, flying south for the summer. It was strange to walk among the commuters in their fancy business casual. Part of me missed their rigidly defined sense of purpose. Deadlines! Action items! Feedback loops!

Then there was me, sipping Starbucks coffee outside Westlake Center, reading a mass market paperback. Watching.

It won't last forever.

Time passed and now I'm feeling 35% yuck so I'm taking the night off from being whatever it is I be.

I still need to submit the story I've been working on. Tomorrow, maybe.


Maya said...

The stuff of nightmares in my opinion. I don't miss it at all! Though at some point I will have to start making money again... *sigh*

Folly said...

I hear you, Maya. I am thankful for every day I don't have to sit in a conference room.