Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now with more hot air

There's a man in the crawl space measuring. It is disconcerting to hear someone banging away in there.

So far -- knocking on all available wooden surfaces -- we haven't had any home ownership surprises, and I aim to keep it that way, as much as it's within my power. Hence the man crawling through the cobwebs. We're having some work done to make our furnace more efficient. A return vent is being moved, some leaky spots are being plugged, and we're getting some kind of futuristic control unit.

I would always prefer to spend this sort of money adding shark-infested moats and intimidating turrets to the property, but knowing hot air will be able to get from the furnace to the upstairs will be a consolation come winter, I guess.

Now the man in the in-between is sneezing. What an odd sound.

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