Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Our newest vehicle

We've had beautiful weather in Seattle the last couple of days, very Santa-Barbara-like. Yesterday I even left the house a few times to pick up dry cleaning, meet Jer to buy a motorcycle, and enjoy a fine evening at an author reading.

Did I just say buy a motorcycle? I did, indeed.

You might remember, Jer totaled his Honda on a sunny day and a sharp turn. Damage to himself was minor, considering, but his bike hit the asphalt, slid down a grassy embankment, and landed in standing water. The repair shop stopped tallying when damages exceeded 11K. The bike was beyond totaled so Jer started haunting craigslist.

He test drove a lightly used bike on Saturday and was prepared to leave with it then, but we had to wait to complete the paperwork. After we waited, we bought it.

So that happened and I think it's a good thing. However, contrary to what Jer might tell you, my agreeing to this purchase does not mean I plan on riding on the back any time soon. No, sir.

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