Friday, July 15, 2011

Sometimes you just have to eat the bowl of garlic

I waited until the end of yesterday to post and the experiment failed. By then all my words were muddled and I was so far out of my head I felt like my brains had been scooped out.

After dinner I invented words, as you do -- now posted exclusively on my Facebook page.

Speaking of dinner, my poor husband. First, he took me to the bookstore to find a book they didn't have. (I still left with three. How-to-write books are my self-help section.) And then we went to Kidd Valley and I ordered the garlic fries. Much like they sound, garlic fries are drowned in raw, delicious garlic. And when I finish the fries, my favorite thing is to eat the garlic with a fork. (Sorry, Jer.)

I spent the rest of the night on the other side of the room, breathing into my sleeve.

Today the smell oozes from my pores. For the good of all, I will confine myself indoors.

You're welcome, world.


Dan said...

You should be safe from vampires for a while.

Kristy said...

The fries sound wonderful in garlic.

Folly said...

Dan, I hope so. It would suck if all I was "safe" from were friends and family getting too close.

Kristy: oh, they are. :D