Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

It's not hard to take pictures of fireworks. All you really need is a tripod and a camera that can hold the shutter open for a number of seconds. This can mean using the camera's bulb setting, a remote control, or using a cable release. The first year I tried shooting fireworks, I was lucky to get lightning in the same shot.

Purchase a print of Fireworks, Space Needle, Lightning (2006)

This next picture is one of my favorites. You can actually see the explosion in slow-motion, as the firework unfurls, twisting upwards into a fan-shaped scattering of light.

Purchase a print of Slow Explosion (2007)

This last image is my biggest seller. The only Photoshop work I did on it was to bump up the contrast and lighten the Space Needle.

Purchase a print of Big Finale Fireworks (2008)

I won't go into details about how to shoot fireworks -- lots of sites already do that. But I do recommend trying. The results can be very cool.

Check out my fireworks gallery for other photos.


Kristy said...

Awesome , I will try that next year. I just bought a sweet camera as I already have a nikon slr. It is a Nikon coolpix p7000. It is great because it has the settings as a slr but has more of a total autofocus. I'm just been getting into photography these last past couple of years. Look forward to any information that has to do with photography.

Maya said...

Great shots! Especially lucky with that lightning!!

I took some good ones at the Geneva festival last year. I probably won't have as good a spot to shoot from this year.

Folly said...

Kristy, nice camera! You may have already done this, but if you haven't, you should like "On Focus Photo" on Facebook. I've been meaning to post more tips and photo links on there, and your comment is just the motivation I need.

Maya, thanks! My biggest challenge is working up the energy to leave the house and fight all the crowds, so I applaud your continuing fireworks efforts. :)

Maya said...

I hate the crowds too. Last year was perfect because our friends lived right on the lake about 4 floors up. It was the best place to shoot from! They are no longer living there, so no idea if we can find a good spot this year.