Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey, look, my name in print

A writing class I recently attended produced a private printing of our short stories. The teacher organized the whole thing, and I provided the cover photo and some minor line editing.

Last night the books were ready and I drove out to Bellevue College with a box of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to see my classmates again, share some food, and sign our books.

It was a lot of fun and the book looks great. Print on Demand is exciting technology.

So that was a nice way to spend a Monday night. It also marked the first time I've seen my name in print (for prose), which only happened because I helped do it myself.

(The book would've happened without me, but if I hadn't taken the class or submitted my story, my work wouldn't have been printed. That's what I mean by "helped do it myself.")

Funny how that works.


Maya said...

Congrats! Do you have a link to the book?

Folly said...

It's a private printing so they printed 20 copies and then deleted the file, or something. Seriously though, we all wanted to keep our rights so we could submit the work to "real" markets without worrying about it falling under the reprint category. I can share the story with you if you're interested. I'm rewriting it again now and it'll be ready in a few days.

Maya said...

OK. Good luck with the rewrite!