Thursday, July 07, 2011

Scary Spice wants me to Hurt

I've used "Get Fit with Mel B" on the PS3 for four days, and now that I'm an expert, I have a new result to share.

My calves are sore! Like, ouch, standing hurts, sore.

Is it true? Do I not use calves in daily life? Scary Spice teaches all sorts of valuable lessons, from gross nutrition suggestions to which parts of your body are in danger of falling off.

What else to share now that I've earned workout medals for awesomeness in dance, cardio, AND combat? Working out at home is pretty great. I can wear whatever I want and bend any which way, and not feel self-conscious when I face plant into the coffee table. You should have seen me in that bridesmaid dress doing the cha cha. I was a vision.

Working out at home, I also get to recoup all that gym travel time. Now I just push the couch back, slide a disc into the PS3, and let Mel B's soothing avatar take me away.

If I could change one thing about the game, it would be this: since you have to hold the move controller anyway, why not build in a heart rate monitor to the grip? Or replace the controller with wrist and leg bands -- though I've read in other fitness games like the EA Active titles, the bands don't always pick up movement.

Maybe I'll just ask summer Santa for a heart rate monitor. Christmas in July, right?

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