Monday, July 18, 2011

The journey should be respected

I won't ask you not to spoiler.

You're free to say whatever you want, but you should know if you give away a story's ending or share in casual conversation something about a character living across multiple sequels who is often in peril, then you force me to assume I've seen the iceberg's tip of your potential cruelty (or inconsiderateness).

Yes, you are free to spoiler. And I am free to hide all your future posts, unfollow you, or assume nefarious things about your intentions.

Updated to add: Rereading this I realize it comes across as pretty harsh. To clarify, I've never minded general talk about an author or a story. It's when people throw out crucial specifics, like so-and-so died, and they say it without warning-- that's what I'm talking about here.


Lily said...

I'm sorry! I thought you knew he was dead the whole time; she was a dude; and she shot J.R.!

Folly said...

Heh, Lily. Thank you for being the one to write that comment. I knew I was setting myself up for it. :)

Headspace said...

He's a ghost! They're all ghosts! It was earth all along!

wait, do movie spoilers count too? :-)

Folly said...

Headspace, I think the only movie spoilers I'm okay with are either: it was earth the whole time, or it was all a dream. :)

Dan said...

Soylent green is people!