Sunday, June 12, 2011

Camera Bags

I had the opportunity to try out three camera bags from a company called Think Tank Photo. So today I turned my dining room table into a photo studio (I used the umbrella AND the soft box) and took photos of the bags.

Then I wrote up my thoughts and posted it at my photoblog. You should check out my in-depth camera bag review. It took, like, 10 hours.

So you know it's good.

In related news, I think brain just dribbled out of my ear.


Maya said...

On the StreetWalker HardDrive, is there a place to carry your water?

Kristy said...

Ah, will have to look at your review. I have a diaper bag to carry my camera and accessories. I used to use that when I travelled more as people will rip off nice bags with euipment in it . Generally they wont rip off a diaper bag. Time to upgrade.

Folly said...

Maya, yes. I don't know why I didn't say that. I'll update the review. There's a "zippered side pocket with an outer stretchable pocket on both sides of the backpack." Very handy.

Kristy, you should check out the Retrospective style bag I review. It comes in different sizes (that's the number after its name in my review, there's a 5, 10, 20, and 30) and it is the most inconspicuous type. It's a little pricy but the quality is such it's going to last forever -- and when you're bored with it will probably still be resellable. Here's the link to "20" version:

Maya said...


Karen said...

I went and read this just 'cause I was interested, clicked through to the Think Tank website, ended up finding something that makes the perfect Father's Day gift for my dad, ordered it, it cost more than $50 so I got a free gift, and since the place is like 1 hour away from me, the slow/cheap shipping option is only going to take 1 day!

You have just rocked my world, madame! :)

Folly said...

Aw, and YOU have just made my day, Karen! :D I'm glad you found something for your dad.