Saturday, June 11, 2011

More writing about writing without actually writing

Busy day. I went to a "publishing your work" class this morning and met with some writers about writing stuff in the afternoon. It was a good day, but it's nice to finally sit down and have a cup of coffee.

Ebooks interest me. I don't have enough quality content yet to take advantage, and even if I did, I need to be better about self promotion. Obviously, without content there's nothing to promote, so it's best to keep my priorities straight... but if I don't self promote, potential readers won't find me. Still, it all comes down to:

Write. Finish. Publish.

Simple, right?

Learning about all the balls a professional writer has to keep in the air makes my head spin. Sometimes it amazes me anything ever gets published at all.

I have great respect for a person who can make a living at writing.

Yeah, Christy. Way to be controversial. Of course it would sound stupid if I said anything different. Can you imagine? "Someone who makes their living at writing is an ass." Just doesn't ring true.

Better get back to Word. That short story isn't going to write itself.

Unless I invent some sort of short story writing robot... although that seems like a waste of a robot making ability if you ask me.

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