Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yesterday, wow. I know I'm supposed to act cool and take it in stride, but over 730 unique visitors clicked through to my camera bag review yesterday, for a grand total of over 840 views. The link was published on Twitter and Facebook, to a page with over 20,000 fans.

Maybe those numbers aren't a lot to you. But they are to me. I kept reloading the tracker count throughout the day, just blown away that so many people, from so many countries, stopped by. Whether they read it or not, I don't know, but hey, they took 5 seconds to click-through and I'll take it.

Of course it was fun for a day, but it's much more fun interacting with my core group of loyal readers. :) You guys are the best.

So what else is going on? I'm still working on the same short story I started about a week ago. Last night I had an idea to tie all the bits together, so I'll work on that today.

On our way to trade-in a couple of Arby's coupons for chow (high-rollers, we) I had a conversation with Jer about what I'm doing here. I had a few doubts, some guilt, some low-grade anxiety about everything.

(Chiana is attacking the shadows next to me. It's cute.)

I told Jer I'd gone to a job search web site and lots of jobs came back I'd be qualified for, including one at his company. And that it would be so much easier to give up and go back to work. I wasn't pulling my weight and maybe there was a way to write and work at the same time. Even though I'd never found that balance before.

Jer reminded me of how much work I've put into this. The classes, the submissions, the reading of many how-to books -- the months of learning to be a better storyteller. He told me I had to keep writing.

It goes without saying -- but I'm saying it anyway -- I am so thankful to have Jeremy in my life.

So after recommitting to this strange journey, I finished my Arby's Regular Beef sandwich, we went home, I read some more academic type texts on writing, had the idea for my story, jotted it down, and fell asleep.

Time to pour the coffee.

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