Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Thursday Plan

I don't know why I've never checked out Richard Hugo House. I knew it existed, but that was as far as I took it.

They offer an interesting schedule of summer writing classes, and this Saturday, June 4, is Write-O-Rama, a full day of writing workshops. If I wasn't already taking an all day class at Bellevue College on Saturday, I would jump on this.

My plan for today is much the same as my plan for Tuesday: brew and drink coffee, write, and pet Chiana a lot. Tonight I'll be meeting up with my friend C Ro, who I haven't seen in a LONG time, and we'll be heading to Hugo House for their "Two Books Enter, One Book Leaves," event. (Need to pick two books, already!)

I should also be ready to send out another writing submission today. Flash fiction this time. (Flash fiction is the term for very short pieces. The one I'm submitting is a little less than 1000 words.)

A quick Chiana anecdote. As my dear cat howled for me to put her down this morning, I said to Jer, "Her cuteness balances out the evil. Just like with The Muppet Babies."

Ba dum dum.

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GreenDragon said...

I loved the Muppet Babies growing up. I thought they were so cute!

And damn June 4th! We're busy all day too so I can't go either. /sigh