Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rejected? Revise and resubmit

I received another rejection this morning. I know it's character building and all that, puts hair on your chest, nothing personal, yadda yadda, but there it is. One of the best things I learned recently is the importance of having a Plan B. Anticipating rejection, I added a column to the spreadsheet I use to track submissions and pasted in the next market I'll submit to.

The Plan B column helps prevent wallowing because there's no reason to wallow. Reread the story with a critical eye, see if it needs revision, revise it, then send it out again.

I say 'critical eye' like that's easy. The distance imposed by time helps. If I knew right away what was wrong with my stories I wouldn't be spending all this time trying to learn.

Speaking of learning, I signed up to attend the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference in August. If you'll be there too, let me know.

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