Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farewell, Marie. I Will Miss your Wainscoting.

The Marie Callender's in Northgate has closed. We tried going there for dinner last night and arrived to an empty parking lot and a sign taped to the window.

I thought I might be the last to know, but the story I linked was posted yesterday. This is sad news.

They had the best little bar. Waxy, dark wood everywhere, local beer on tap, and great happy hour specials. On the way home from work I'd walk over from the transit center, grab a bite and a beer and then get back on the bus for home. I'd sit at one of the two booths and write or read. The same bartender always seemed to be there with a smile.

I will miss the wainscoting. And the pie.

Quite a few places have closed shop around here. By now I usually take it in stride. There's the Family Italian place down the street, the Hobby shop, Rimrock Steakhouse, LC's Kitchen, the wine shop we used to go to... and now Marie Callender's.

Maybe this will open the door for some fresh blood to grab the culinary torch.

And maybe, just maybe, I could fit more cliches into a single sentence.

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