Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A transcription of my internal debate on attending a writer's conference

Writer's conference or not to writer's conference, that is the question.

The biggest drawback is cost. And it is a big drawback. Volunteering doesn't bring any discounts -- I'm guessing because writers would volunteer the shit out of a conference if it meant they could go for free.

So next I look at the panels. They look interesting. Damn. Yes, but synopses have let me down before.

Time commitment isn't a factor. It'll cut into my writing time, which if my work isn't sellable then what's the point, anyway, right?

So then I ask myself: I own a library's worth of how-to books, wouldn't the time be just as well spent reading those and applying what you've already learned?

Networking, I answer, cringing. I know few other writers. But then what about the writing groups you've joined?

And why do I keep switching between first and second person? You're worse off than we thought.

Gratuitous emphasis!!!

TANGENT START: Last night at Jimmy Johns, Jer picked the receipt off the table.

Jer: When did we get a receipt?

Christy: It's always been here. It's been inside of you all along.


I'm no closer to making a decision. All I know is, if I wait another week the price goes up $100. In summation: I think it would be useful. It'd give me a chance to meet other writers. I could still look into volunteering to learn more about the organization. And if the money figures itself out, I'm in.

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