Saturday, June 04, 2011

I saw a Bald Eagle on a bridge

It's almost comical how badly this week has gone. We're still in the middle of the bad things, so I hesitate to tempt fate, but let's see. Wallets missing. Cat put to sleep. Dryer breaks. A small wreck.

It could all be worse. It could still get worse. So let's focus on the positive. With relentless persistence and extreme prejudice.

It is June. I am watching Carl Sagan on the television talking about the cosmos. It was a beautiful day. I spent the day in a classroom discussing language, one of my favorite subjects. For dinner I had a warm brownie topped with ice cream, and a slice of lasagna.

I am thankful for ice and Ibuprofren, soft pillows, and the dry cleaners. I am thankful for traffic jams on floating bridges, light sunburns on pale forearms, Bald Eagles on lamp posts, and the wind's dispersal of fluttery, silky seeds across my windshield.

Thank you, Seattle. You give with one hand, and you take with the other.

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