Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Party Supplies

Setting: Tuesday night, QFC (grocery store), 9:40pm.

Christy approaches the checkout carrying a 12-pack of Charmin Toilet Paper, an 8 pack of Brawny Select-a-Size Paper Towels, and a case of Pyramid Alehouse Curveball Beer.

Checker (male, young, scanning items): Would you like a bag?

Me: No thanks, I can carry it.

Checker (chuckling): We don't have any bags big enough anyway. It was really just a courtesy. (He may have winked.) Can I see your ID?

Me: Sure. (Hands it to him.)

Checker: No, I mean your real ID. (Laughs louder, hands the ID back.) So... what are you doing later?

Me (gesturing to the paper towels, toilet paper, and beer with a flick of the wrist): You're looking at it.

So that happened.

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