Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Avoiding the news

Yes, I voted. I'm a permanent absentee voter and I dropped my ballot off at the King County Administration Building yesterday, slipped it right into the lock box out front. Jeremy and I sat on the couch Sunday, surrounded by printed materials, and an online voting guide from Planned Parenthood and weighed all of the options. We filled out our little ovals with dark ink and stayed mostly in the lines.

So there ya go.

After the last couple of elections I'm not as excited to see the result, but I did my duty. I exercised my privilege.

I left work early today and walked up to 2nd and Madison to catch the 37 bus. The wind was chilly as it whipped my hair around, so I stood behind the arches of the former Burke Building, remnants from 1895. Across the way, the sky reflected so brightly in the mirrored windows of a skyscraper that all I could think was "Electric Blue," which led to quietly humming Debbie Gibson's 80's hits "Out of the Blue" and "Electric Youth."

Skyscraper is a perfect word.

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