Saturday, November 08, 2008

those pants better come with jet packs

I get a gold star for leaving the house today. Got the haircut, finally went inside H&M, browsed Shoe Pavilion and Nordstrom, picked up lunch and went home.

Every store I entered or walked past seemed to be having huge sales. I felt caught up in some kind of unholy shopping frenzy. Suddenly I NEEDED everything.

I tried on a pair of wool trousers and a white blouse at Nordstrom, but decided that I'd rather spend $250 on almost anything else. Like, say, groceries. Then I fondled a beautiful red leather purse, but for $150 it had better have a hard drive built into it. I ended up only buying a couple of small items I actually needed.

Hello, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo. I hear you are an invigorating cleanser!

Well-made clothes are just nice-to-have right now. Even if it would be so nice to have them.

The plan for the evening is fluid like the bottle of Oban we just bought. (Jer bought it so it doesn't count against the grocery budget.) I anticipate a viewing of the fine art film, "Baby Mama," and possibly some eating of pumpkin bread.

So ends Day 8.

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