Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day 1

Morning started late. I wandered out to the living room to enjoy the view but was greeted by about 9 emergency vehicles flashing their lights and blocking traffic. Weekends don't usually bring more than scuba divers to the patch of water in front of our apartment, so this was a new development.

I checked West Seattle Blog later and found out there'd been a diver reported missing, then a rescue, then a trip to the hospital.

Jer woke up eventually and I made breakfast while he brewed coffee. We decided to replace the fluorescent tube lights in the kitchen, and were mostly successful. I spent the last half hour researching where we can recycle the tubes and came up with this list of disposal sites. Then I started wondering about where to take my rechargeable toothbrush -- they sure don't make that thing easy to dismantle -- and found the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, which lists a number of locations.

The weather is drizzly and gray, just the way I like it. Happy Saturday.

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