Friday, November 07, 2008

I'll take it

I write entries in my head but then I forget them. They are brilliant and glittering and distinguished by unusual mental keenness and just for me. They would be for you too if you were telepathic.

Maybe you should get on that.

Another week, huh? Feels like the calendar pulled a fast one. But I'll take it.

I have a hair cut appointment tomorrow. I think I will say, "Can you cut it in a way that conveys authority? I want my hair to command respect."

Or maybe I just want authority over my hair. It tells me to do things.

That is a lie.

I am feeling exceptionally silly because it is Friday night and I survived another week of feeling out of my element. I did it. And now I get to spend time with that guy I married and those cats I feed everyday.

We just ate hamburgers at a dimly lit table overlooking the downtown Seattle skyline. The fries were seasoned and crispy and the burger was cheesy. A series of birds swam by, I think they were Canada Geese, and the city lights glittered in Elliott Bay. And that's how it was.


Maya said...

Nice! I tried to beat my hair into submission this week as well. I'm pretty sure it won the battle though. Amazing how people seem to like my hair when it's clearly crazy! I'm not sure I'm commanding any more respect (from my hair or anyone else).

Do you have a new job? Doesn't sound too fun so far...

Christy said...

I meant to comment on the picture you posted about your hair. I thought it looked fantastic.

Yeah about the job... about a month ago I took over for my boss. I went from being the writer to having a great deal of say, maybe the most say, in the development of our product. It is a great learning experience (and honor) but as you have gleaned from my vague hints, it also involves huge amounts of stress.