Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am just posting this under the wire. 11:30pm is not quite midnight. This totally counts as day 29.

Today was the third day straight of WoW playing. My brain is mushy. I have not been getting enough sleep.

Tomorrow I don't even know. I managed to shower today, cook two meals, and empty the dishwasher in addition to playing, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. Also, I made it a point to look outside. It was gray. I don't think I missed anything.

Oh, the other thing I did was call my credit card company and confirm there are no fraudulent charges on my card. Apparently when you do all of your Christmas shopping in a day and then buy yourself a camera, it looks a little strange. Apparently.

I close my eyes and see little yellow circles. That's where the mines are. Or names floating over people's heads. My pet is hungry. Draw aggro. Mark the target! These are the shortest three days I've spent in a long time. The only way I know time is continuing is a random thirst and muscle tightness in my shoulders from sitting hunched over for 6 hours at a time.


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