Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The last of the pumpkin beer

I had pumpkin beer tonight with a friend who always helps put things in perspective. I am very lucky to have all the friends I have -- Web wise, past wise, and now wise -- you are all awesome.

I am on the tail end of the beer high listening to Tom Waits "Innocent When You Dream" and a variety of Dar Williams. It makes me feel optimistic, which lately is the opposite of what I feel when I wake up. It is an epic journey to rise, feed the cats, shower, board the bus, walk to work, and press the elevator button. The closer I get, the slower the world. I trick myself, stop for coffee, maybe a latte, take a later bus, whatever it takes.

Melodramatic, much?

It is not so bad. I am obviously a giant baby.

This is day 18.

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