Monday, November 24, 2008

Work Anecdotes

Today was mostly about patience and then performing. I jumped through hoops.

When I drink, sometimes I reflect mid-sentence: will this embarrass me tomorrow? At that point I either say, yay or nay, continue or desist. Tonight I told the Viggo Mortenson story, which mostly involves rubbing elbows with the man himself at a ballet (literally), and the John Cleese story, which mostly involves the man hearing me pee. Neither of those men would remember me if pressed, but I remember them, oh yes. And I invoke their names to break the tension.

As I told the V. Mortenson story, I realized that the whole room hushed and was listening to me. At that point I generally lose the thread and ramble, but tonight I think I did okay.

Now I ... Jer just called. We are all caught up. Tomorrow my work day will be roughly a gazillion hours long or 13, whichever comes first. So off to bed I go!


George said...

Here's hoping you dreamed of Viggo....

Christy said...

The good thing about going out with all of the higher ups is that they drink excellent wine. I don't remember my dreams but they certainly didn't trouble me that night. I count that as a win.