Sunday, November 02, 2008


As mentioned previously, our TV has been kaput since September 21. Last night, while searching for local TV repairmen, we found a site that suggested the problem was a blown fuse. So we did what any good nerds would do: moved the TV to the floor and unscrewed the back.

It is, of course, dangerous to root around in the back of your TV and I wouldn't recommend it. But we exercised caution and lived to tell the tale.

The fuse is very small and located near the plug, after you get the back off it is on a large circuit board. It looked okay. The wire was intact -- no scorch marks -- but since fuses are about $6 for a pack of two, I decided to buy a replacement.

After a quick trip to Home Depot this morning, Jeremy inserted the new fuse, we replaced the back, and voila, the TV turned on. This was an exciting development and I hope the fuse doesn't blow again because that sucker is heavy.

Troubleshooting is most fun when it ends in success.

Also at Home Depot, I bought 4 more fluourescent tubes for the kitchen -- there are something like 10 in there altogether and now they're all functioning. It is bright as daylight, which causes me to constantly squint upon entry and highlights the dirty counters.

So now we have to clean the counters.


But hey, we fixed the television! How awesome is that?


Maya said...

Truly awesome! And, good for you for fixing it!

Christy said...

Unfortunately we only fixed it for a day before it died again. But I am still totally counting it.

I will just pretend that it's not broken again, I am just choosing not to watch it anymore.

Maya said...

That's the spirit!

danf said...

You're not missing much. TV just gets worse and worse. Of course, that doesn't stop me from watching it. :)