Friday, November 14, 2008

eTrade is kind of shady

My toe is purple. One of them in the middle there. I stepped into the corner of the couch before work, in the dark, in a hurry and thought, "That hurts." Later that night, I peeled off my socks to reveal a dark rainbow of bruising and thought, "That sure looks like it hurts." And you know what? It did. Or rather does.

Doesn't seem to be broken though.

My eyes are dried out. It's cold outside, but colder last night. Jer and I went to dinner and I had my first Hot Toddy. It tasted like Tylenol Cold and Flu with a Nyquil punch.

I probably won't order it again.

After dinner we each bought a cupcake then browsed the used section of the CD store.

And now we're home. I am now going to say good night to computer land because it is Friday and I deserve a break today.

Also, I got an interesting letter form eTrade today. They were notifying me that there had been no activity on my money market account for the last 18 months and my account was considered inactive. If it stays that way "[eTrade] may be required by law to turn over any funds in your account(s) to the state." The thing is... I use my eTrade brokerage account every month and I keep just enough money in this "inactive" account to avoid the quarterly $40 brokerage fee.

There is a method to my madness.

Seems awfully shady that they can just take my money away like that. And I wouldn't consider it an insignificant amount either.

I am not a fan of this business practice.

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