Monday, November 03, 2008

Success Reversed

Bad news. The TV fizzled to death again. Apparently it was only mildly impressed with our efforts to replace the fuse and lasted a day.

But oh, what a glorious day.

Hello laptop on the coffee table with mythtv installed, welcome back to my routine.

I was in meetings today from 10am to 5pm with a 45 minute break for lunch. I'm not saying this to brag -- because I'm sure you must be very jealous -- but because I am AMAZED that this is my life now. 6 weeks ago, this was not my life. I was content to sit in my little cubicle cave and surf the Internet. Sometimes I wrote things that were generally not read. Expectations were low. It's hard to disappoint anyone when they forget you're there half the time.

I went from being an afterthought on the CC line to being a direct recipient on the To line.

One of the skills I have not yet mastered is the ability to convince people my way is the right way. I spend a lot of time in my head coming up with the best solution and I sort of expect to show Them the result of all that thinking and hear Them say, "Ah yes, I see. There is no need to explain because this is CLEARLY the best possibility in all of the possible possibilities. And oh, take this fifty dollars; Awesome pays dividends."

The truth is that what comes out of my mouth is more like, "Here." And they say, "What?" And I say, "Look it." And they go, "Huh?" And then I get frustrated and yell, "So's your face!" And hide in the bathroom.

Okay I exaggerate, but debating is still not one of my better skills. I loathe justifying something that seems really really obvious. But hey, that just means I have something to write down for my 4th quarter goals, right? A weakness to highlight in a job interview? Hi, my name is Christy and you should take everything I say at face value and never question me. What a selling point!

Good grief. Is it only Monday?

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