Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fried chicken and irritating unwed mothers

Jer left for work about fifteen minutes ago and Vash is giving me stink-eye because I pushed him off my chair. He's relocated directly across from me at eye-level on the open shelf above Jer's desk. He wants me to know he is not pleased.

I have some chicken breasts sitting in buttermilk that I plan to coat in flour and fry soon. But I had a big breakfast and hunger is not motivating me to proceed. Maybe I will brew some coffee.

After Indiana Jones last night we watched Juno... and I wasn't impressed. I'd heard it applauded for its use of language, but the moment a character said, "Honest to blog," I hurled a little. I guess as a previously precocious young adult with a large vocabulary I expected the film to resonate with me. But in the end I was only irritated and spent most of the film wishing someone would just smack her all ready. Which I guess if you consider that when I was 16 everyone around me wanted to smack me too, then the film was technically a success.

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