Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back in WoW

Before Jeremy left for work last night, after I got him to let me buy the camera, he stood in the doorway and asked for two things. One was for me to vacuum the carpet by the shredder, and the other was to start playing World of Warcraft again.

I complied.

I have not played for about two years -- I stopped because I am sometimes an all or nothin' sort of gal, and with WoW it was All.

A few weeks ago Blizzard sent me an email about a 10-day free trial for the Burning Crusade expansion. So last night, I upgraded to Burning Crusade. I installed all the patches. It took about five hours. And then this morning I surprised Jer with what I had done.

He is very excited.

After our very nice Thanksgiving dinner at Salty's we logged into the Elune server and have been playing ever since. I have a female Blood Elf Hunter who is about to reach level 10. And yeah, it's pretty fun.

I will try not to let it take over my life again and only play when Jer is around. I guess it's sort of silly to continually deny myself something that I enjoy doing, but I am wary and I'll take it slow.

Jer just made coffee and I'm going back in. I hope you had a terrific holiday.

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