Friday, November 28, 2008

hello and goodbye, friday

I probably should keep this to myself, but I've been playing WoW since 9:30am. It's 7:30pm now. Also, I played until 2am this morning when I finally passed out. And that's why I quit playing for 2 years...

But in the spirit of finishing out this month with all of the daily blog posting, I have wrenched myself away from the game for a few minutes -- or maybe a whole hour. I'm level 18, which is kind of crazy and I've taken up jewelcrafting, mining, fishing, and cooking. It's also kind of crazy how the memories of how to play came back so easily. Not much has really changed in 2 years.

I did not even bother to look outside today. I couldn't tell you if the sun came up or if it rained all day long.

There's not much else to say. I will leave you to your judging of me.

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