Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veterans' Day

I stopped at Mitchelli's in Pioneer Square on the way to the bus. I brought a thick book on formulary strategy that I sort of read at the counter, and ordered off the happy hour menu.

I love that place.

Some places just feel right, whether it's cozy or comfortable or welcoming, it has a something. Warmth, maybe. An orange oasis in the chill blue dark.

This past weekend I caught up with Doctor Who and Torchwood. Since I finished Death Note the previous weekend, I guess that just leaves Northern Exposure and Dexter, and maybe Bones and House. My responsibilities are neverending.

Hello, Falcor. (As in the story, that is neverending.)

I received double the normal hits to my photo blog today. Everyone was searching for the WWII nurse kissing the sailor, of which I have a picture of the statue version here.

Just thought that was interesting. I never expected it to be a popular one. Note the blue sky. That is winter in San Diego.

Tom Waits is the soundtrack to this entry. He sings about November... I didn't realize "Downtown Train" was his song and that Rod Stewart only covered it, until just now. Literally, 1 minute ago. This pleases me, because as I was listening to the Tom Waits' version I was thinking, "Damn, I really like this song, but I don't like Rod Stewart." So I looked it up on wikipedia and now you're caught up.

I feel like watching "Amelie" again.


Lily said...

Weird. I was just thinking of Northern Exposure the other day and how I should search to see if reruns were on somewhere. I'm all caught up on Doctor Who and Torchwood, but only the first two seasons of Dexter. I'm sure you were dying to know.

Lily said...

And I re-watched Amelie about 2 months ago.

Christy said...

Reruns of Northern Exposure were on TV somewhere awhile back, but I went and acquired the DVDs so I have no excuse.

In a fit of whimsy I watched Amelie last night, and my goodness, that is a fun film. I first saw it at the Riviera in SB, which smelled mostly like cat poop. I think I am past that now... mostly.